FL40 Flat 墙 • IMPower Series


Panel Coverage: 40"


肋骨特点: Insulated 墙 Panel

Standard Gauges: 22外遗传算法., 26 Interior ga.

Create a beautifully finished high-performance building envelope with a single component using flat wall panels available in your choice of a smooth or light embossed metal face.

特性  好处

  • Can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The horizontal assembly incorporates a clean, simple end joint design that utilizes a unique self-aligning pre-painted aluminum extrusion
  • The panel’s overlapping joint is self-aligning and allows for easy sealant application at the panel joinery
  • The standard exterior metal surface is 22 ga (embossed) G-90 galvanized steel with standard PVDF and SMP exterior coatings (other coatings may be available)
  • The standard interior metal surface is embossed 26 ga Imperial White
  • The panel arrives on site in one piece and requires a simple one step installation reducing construction time and costs

Available Material:

Available Substrates: Open Framing, Solid Substrate

紧固件: 隐藏

Standard Finishes: PVDF, SMP

  • AAMA 501.1 Air/Water Infiltration
  • ASTM C 1363 Thermal Resistance
  • ASTM C 518 Thermal Resistance
  • ASTM E 283 Air Leakage (0.01 cfm @ 12 psf)
  • ASTM E 331 Water Penetration
  • ASTM E 72 Structural Strength
  • ASTM E 84 Flame Spread
  • Florida Building Code Approved
  • FM 4880 Fire Rating – Class 1 IMP 墙s and Ceilings
  • FM 4881 Fire Rating – Class 1 Exterior 墙

Available 颜色

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